Spring 2021 Summer 2021 Spirit of Ethan Allen
  • Burlington, Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA View on Map
  • Post Date : February 26, 2021
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Job Detail

  • # Positions Available 10
  • Min. Guaranteed hours
  • Overtime offered Yes
  • Housing Employer provided
  • Housing Cost
    $20.00 per day
  • Job Start Date May

Job Description

This is a great working adventure for someone seeking not the ordinary working experience, but the extraordinary! The Spirit of Ethan Allen is a 363 passenger triple deck cruise boat offering an assortment of daily and evening dinner cruises. Burlington, Vermont is beautiful, eclectic and an experience you do not want to miss. Workers arrive with fear and leave with tears of joy when the season ends!



Relax and reconnect with Mother Nature

Vermonters have a long tradition of respect for the land and are committed to preserving and sharing their appreciation of the environment. Two centuries of agricultural traditions have created open, working landscapes amid a backdrop of mountains, whose ridgeline is the course of the Long Trail, the nation’s first through-hiking long-distance trail.

As mountain ranges go, the Green Mountains are very old and have been sculpted to their present form during several ice ages. The state stones – granite, marble and slate – as well as the state mineral, talc, continue to be mined. Vermont has more than 220 mountains exceeding 600 meters in elevation, with Mount Mansfield the highest, at 1340 meters. The mountainous areas of the state are primarily forested. In fact, although Vermont’s 251 towns were virtually clear-cut of timber during the late 19th century, more than 75 percent of the state’s land area is now forested.

Beneath the mountains and rolling hills are fertile valleys that support extensive dairy, crop, vegetable and fruit production, along with horses, cattle, goats and the occasional emu. Vermont, which has long been in the vanguard for local food, farm-to-plate restaurants, fine artisan cheese-makers and farmer’s markets, has the most craft breweries per capita of any state in the USA. In recent years, numerous vineyards and several distinctive distillers have been established.

While it’s easy, and highly recommended, to spend days simply taking in the scenery, even more rewarding is becoming part of it. Explore back roads and well-maintained trails by bicycle or on foot. Go for a run or walk in historic downtowns or through quiet villages and covered bridges. Visit the studios of the many world-class artisans and discover their creations. Catch up on history at well-interpreted historic sites and museums. Cast a line in a lake or stream, or relax beachside at a pristine state park. In the snow season, drop into a half-pipe on skis or snowboard and share the trails with former, and likely future, Olympians.

Whatever the day brings, the night is sure to deliver a blissful night’s slumber – whether you choose to camp under the stars, cozy up under a quilt at an inn or indulge in the thread count at a luxurious resort. Above all, relax and stay awhile. In Vermont, one thing is certain: The seasons will change. And with that change, so does the landscape, the recreation, the footwear and the way of life. With every season comes new opportunities to explore the world around you.


Learn more about your next destination!




  •  Knowledge of Food & Beverage outlet operations including foods, beverages, service techniques, and guest interaction
  • Be familiar with all the resorts services/features and local attractions in order to assist the guest
  • Greets all guests with enthusiasm and friendliness and maintain positive guest relations at all times
  • Anticipate the guests needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests; resolve guests’ complaints and ensure guest satisfaction
  • Take guest food & beverage orders utilizing suggestive up-selling techniques
  • Answers guest questions about food, beverages, and our facilities accurately and in a friendly manner
  • Provides the highest level of service in accordance with our standards




  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn




  • $22.70/ Average Hourly Pay




  • Housing Provided
  • $20.00 per day
  • Fully furnished, shared apartment located 10 minute walk to boat




  • Airfare Assistance (Bonus towards the airfare at the end of contract)
  • 100 % of ticket will be paid upon completion of the terms of agreement




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