About Tilly Rahm

  • I am 18+ years of age Yes


  • 2020
    Fountain Valley School of Colorado

    High school deploma

    I graduated from Fountain Valley in Colorado Springs in 2020. I now am in my first year at Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado. Next semester I will be attending school online and focusing more on work.

Honors & awards

  • 2017-18-19


    For my high school basketball team I received three MVP awards as well as 11 player of the game awards, 2 player of the year awards, and two CHSAA All state Mentions.

  • 2018-19


    For my high school soccer team I received two player of the game awards, two MVP awards, and one player of the year awards.

  • 2019

    Photography Award

    I received the 2019 photography award during my junior year of high school.