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  • 2020
    Tecnologico de monterrey

    Biotechnology engineering

    My name is Sofia Bernal Eguiluz. I am a 23 year old woman from Mexico, and I want to share a bit of my story with you. I recently graduated in June, 2020 with a degree in Biotechnology Engineering from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Guadalajara campus. I have always been very passionate and dedicated to both my studies and extracurricular activities. An example of this is the fact that I was able to earn a scholarship for Soccer in both my high school and university settings. It has not always been easy to manage studying for a demanding degree such as engineering, maintaining good grades for my scholarship, and at the same time having to train 5 days a week and travel for games on weekends. Through these experiences, I learned how to manage my time efficiently and focus in order to perform my best in both my academic and athletic settings. This focus and time efficiency is something that I believe will help me for the rest of my life and be an asset to me in my future career as well as in my personal life going forward. One of my proudest moments was when I won an award at my University called “Excelencia a la Integral,” which is only given to 6 people from all the graduating fields, who have managed to excel through their participation in a team, by their academic performance, or through their leadership. I was very humbled that my hard work was appreciated and noticed by the University. I believe that my dedication, passion, flexibility, and work ethic will be an asset to any company.