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My name is Ryan Griffin. I’ve played Soccer for most of my life. From Req Leagues from when I was 4, Traveling the Country when I was 8-15 in Youth Premier Leagues, to being named my Varsity High School’s MVP as a Sophomore. I was in the game for over a decade before graduating High School and joining the Army. Now that I’m out, I would love to give back. Soccer has taught me so many amazing qualities not just about the game itself, but life skills and social skills. Unfortunately, even though I had the option, I did not pursue my Soccer career into the collegiate level, but i absolutely know what it takes and the work you have to put in to achieve that level. I believe in full confidence that I can get these young men and women on the right path to achieve that. I have yet to coach an organized Team yet but I have all the tools, skills, and confidence, necessary to start. I have no problem starting off on the bottom of the totem pole and I promise I will work just as hard, If not harder than any other Coach you have on your Staff.


  • 2013 - 2018
    High School

    West Morris Central HS

    I graduated West Morris Central In 2018 and immediately joined the US Army. I did have a few D1 offers as well as many D2 and D3s reach out to me but joining the military was my passion way before soccer was. Now that I\'m out I want to help teach Soccer to kids who were just like me growing up.