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My name is Michael Carterud. Born in Hartford, CT, moved to a small town in Massachusetts named Longmeadow, which is where I spent my whole life and currently reside. I have a lovely mother Marissa, an amazing father Jeff and a younger brother Nicholas who is coming into his own. School and athletics have always been a part of my life. Growing up, I played baseball, basketball, and football and continued on being a 3 sport athlete in high school. Golf has also always been a major part of my family and life. In high school, I excelled in athletics, and was able to continue playing baseball at the collegiate level. I am a current spohmore at Clark University in Worcester, MA, where I am an economics and finance major, and am a member of the baseball team as a pitcher. I take great pride in being a student-athlete, putting my academics first. I am very passionate about the business world, particularly finace. If all goes well, I plan on graduating Clark in 2023 with an undergrad in Economics and fiance and then going on to pursue a masters degree in finace at Clark. Outside of school and baseball, I very much enjoy investing in the stock market, reading the news, hanging with friends and family, watching sports, and probably my biggest hobby, playing golf.


  • 2023
    Clark University (MA)


    I am a current sophomore at Clark University in Worcester MA. I am an Economics and Finance major and currently on the Baseball team. I am a right-handed pitcher and we compete in the NEWMAC. I am very passionate about being a STUDENT-athlete, as it has taught me many lessons. I will be completing my undergrad in may of 2023, and hopefully staying for a 5th year to complete a masters degree in finance.


  • 2019 - 2020
    Carr Property Management


    As a landscaper and maintenace worker for Carr Property Management, I was required to be a very versatile worker. I was stationed at many different retirement and apartment complexes across Western MA. A typical day can range from mowing lawns, planting flowers, to installing appliances in apartments. The day of work ranges becasue I was asked to compete any task that was needed to keep the complexes in top shape. I was required to know how to maintain, repair and use outdoor landscaping equipment, and the same for indoor equipment. I learned many skills during my summers in manual labor. I learned how to be versatile, maintain and repair outdoor and indoor spaces, interact and help tenants and the list goes on.

  • 2017
    Six Flags New England


    As a lifeguard at Six Flags New England, I was stationed in the water park. After receiving a first-aid and Lifeguard certification, and going through extensive on-site training, I was stationed in the water park. A typical day consisted of a constant watch at your post. Every lifeguard is required to be on high alert because at any moment, someone\'s life could be in your hands. Lifeguards needed to be up to date with emergency protocols and ready to perform any task needed to ensure the safety of all guests at the park. It was a very intense job, but rewarding to know that people trust you with their life. I learned many skills, including how to make quick and correct decisions in intense moments, how to interact with guests to make them feel comfortable, and many health-related activities.


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