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I am a 2020 graduate of Ohio University with a B.A. in Environmental Biology and two Certificates of Study; one in Geographic Information Services (GIS) and one in Environmental Studies.  I have 6+ years of customer service, 3 of which were earned through bartending and serving. I am also an excellent writer and possess proficient skills in Microsoft and data analysis. I am planning on relocating to Telluride, CO/the surrounding area as soon as possible and am most interested in career opportunities in within animal/wildlife care & management, customer service, and field work/outdoor management but am open to all opportunities.



  • 2021 - 2020

    Field Technician

    Position allowed me to gain skills in project management, logistical operations, professional team work, and changing workflows. NATIONAL COASTAL CONDITIONS ASSESSMENT | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE CREW MEMBER • Conduct water quality & ecological condition surveys as part of the National Coastal Condition Assessment commissioned by the EPA to predict current status and estimates of change between 2005 – 2020 for all coastal waters including marine, estuaries, and the Great Lakes. • Several weeks of traveling with team members per assignment • Boat Handling and Safety - CPR & First Aid Certified • Site Navigation and Verification with handheld GPS units • Sample Collection, Pre-processing, and Data Submission for the following o Hydrographic Profile Data o Flora and Fauna Surveys - Underwater Video o Sediment and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Sample Collection – Ponar Grab o Ecological Contamination and Bioaccumulation – Fish Tissue and Plug Samples ALLEGHENY RIVER FRESHWATER MUSSEL SALVAGE | AQUATIC BIOLOGY FIELD TECHNICIAN • Transfer and construction of computer-generated river transect model to environment • Survey river transects for target species (endangered, native, and invasive species types) • Use of snorkel and HOOKAH diving systems • Identification, recording, and tagging of captured specimen for the purpose of up-river release